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Patrick Acum Cameraman Director of Photography




DULENS APOCHROMATIC MODERN VINTAGE - These things are like hens teeth to get hold of, waited 3 years to get them,  boutique lenses, limited production run, 25,31,43,58,85 amazing colour unique flare like Tribe 7 Blackwing. More focal lenses to follow. Vista Vision coverage


Set of the 2019 Xeen CF Full Frame carbon fibre lenses, super fast and shallow at T1.5 16, 24,35,50,85  Vista Vision coverage


Vintage russian set  polished IronGlass Ukraine 20,24,35,58,85,200, ​70-230 based on helios/mir  Vista Vision coverage


Carl Zeiss Jena Set Medium format lenses (mid 60s-70s) 20,25,35,50,65,80,120,300 with 2x converter   Vista Vision coverage

Sirui 28-85 Doc zoom - Vista Vision coverage


Sigma 18-35, 50-100 modern clean s35 coverage

Laowa 25-100 modern vintage s35 coverage

Canon PL mount FD150-600mm - long range K35!

Bright Tangerine Misfit Atom / Smallrig Carbon Fibre with filters (full set nds, nd grads)

Monstro 8k brain, 

Shoulder Rig

Follow Focus

5' red touch

Kippertie Revolva, Carbon 1 OLPF

A box, DXA Cine or juiced link preamps

Io expander

6.25Tb stock, including kippertie 2TB longtake

2x lemo adapters

Red Oled EVF

10x 99wh mini v lock batts

Accsoon Cine Quad wireless video, Portkeys 7"

Libec H85 tripod or Sirui BCH30

2x Edge lit pancakes 80cm, 55cm

2x flex panels with soft boxes and gemballs

2x Skier Sunray 160s

4x falconeyes sticks

2x ledminispots

3x astera style 4ft tubes.

6x Luxceo HSI 4 ft tubes, 2x 1ft Luxceo tubes

2x Colbor vlock cl100 (can build 4 light array)

2x Colbor vlock cl60 (great for remote travel)

2x Bitlighter dedo style battery lights

1x Pixapro 350w LED with rice bowl  octadome and fresnel attachment

3x3m Manfrotto silk frame

1x ZYSB 500D daylight led cob fixture

Echo bicolour 740w spacelight with softbox (looks like a football stadium floodlight, equivalent to 1.2hmi, long throw)

Lightweight 1.2m Konova slider with motor

2m slider dolly 200kg payload

Lightwieght GVM paralax control motorised slider

Smoke Machine 

DJI RONIN RS3PRO with Lidar remote focus

With wireless focus, set of vintage nikon AIS, primes blackmagic pocket 6k and readyrig, 4tb stock, with wireless link to ipad


Blackmagic pocket 6k, for B cam use with nikon AIS set , tripod, mattebox,  4tb stock 


Mercedes Vito

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